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We're Tiny Homesteads, and we're glad you found us. Give us a call if you're looking for a custom Tiny Home, yurt, tipi, or passive solar greenhouse. That's our thing.

When we're not doing that, we work with farmers and landowners to rent space to tiny homeowners. And we have a notebook full of connections with local tiny house builders, contractors, towing, and other services for renters and landowners in our Tiny House Network. If this is what you're looking for, contact us today to get started.


Tiny House Community Questions

How do I find space to park my Tiny House?

If you have a tiny home and need a place to park it, fill out our rental request form and we’ll find the sites available on our network that best match your needs. We mostly work with tiny house communities in North Carolina, but are always expanding the network. Drop us a line in any case and we’ll see how we can help.

How do I rent my land for a Tiny House?

Fill out our landowner questionnaire, and we’ll let you know whether renting to Tiny Home owners would be a good fit. If so, we can plug your property into our Tiny House rental directory. We vet potential tiny home owners before you meet them, and act as a go between to make it easier to generate income from Tiny House rentals.

How does the tiny house lease work?

In a nutshell, we’re a Tiny Home services company, and one of those services is helping owners find space to park their Tiny Homes. We establish a three way agreement between our company the Tiny Home renter, and the landowner. It is essentially like this:

Tiny Home Owner:

  • Pays rent, utilities, and deposit
  • Acts as a good tenant
Small Axe Farms, on the Tiny Homesteads Network


  • Maintains property and any utilities provided

Tiny Homesteads

  • Automatically collects rent and pays landowner
  • Links to other sites in the network, and Tiny House contractors and repair specialists
  • Co-ordinates moves and provides towing service for Tiny Houses if needed
  • Provides customer service for Tiny House questions
  • Acts as a liaison between Tiny Homeowner and Landowner

Together, Tiny Homesteads, the landowner, and Tiny Home renter enter into an agreement that functions like a month-to-month lease. We do this to match the flexibility of life that Tiny Homeowners are looking for, and depending on your need shorter or longer term agreements may be available. Join the network, either as a landowner or Tiny Home renter and let us know what you're looking for, we bet we can make something work.

Check out some of our sites here, and contact us to add yours to the list. Whether you need a tiny house-friendly space or want to become one, it's free to sign up. We only charge after you've begun making money through renting to a Tiny House owner or have found a space.

We're dedicated to moving the Tiny Home movement forward, by making it easier to find a space to live and work in harmony. Talk to us today, and we'll find the perfect tiny house arrangement for you!

Tiny House Rental Sites

Small Axe Farms

6 acres in Deep Gap, producing Ancona duck eggs and mixed vegetables. A site for workshops adjacent to Boone and Wilkesboro. - Workshops

small axe.jpg


Fox Hill

The Tiny Homesteads home base/where the magic happens. Events, short term rentals, and more coming soon - Contact Us

Woodland Harvest

An amazing off-grid homestead in the woods of Ashe County. Hydro-electric, tree houses, duck pond, and great community events! - Website 

DIY Tiny

Tiny House Campground with long-term spaces for rent on the outskirts of Asheville. Offers Tiny House DIY Consulting! - Website