We've spent a lot of time working with specialist contractors and curating this list of alternative living solutions for you. The price you'll pay is for start-to-finish service from design to completion, with all of the permits, material sourcing, and dealing with contractors taken care of by our team of experts.



Tipis are an awesome, affordable way to live off-grid or add more sleeping space to your land. We carry custom tent options ranging from 16'-30' feet, perfect for backyards, schools, or festivals. Choose from using modern materials or creating a fully historical, hand-crafted shelter to suit your project. Fully mobile tents can be moved and set up in a few hours. Our package price includes delivery, installation, and training at your site on how to set up and maintain your tipi.




This ancient design uses geometry to provide support using light-weight materials. We carry models to sit on foundations or a wooden deck, to provide a high class outdoor camping or living solution. A great solution for those looking to add an additional dwelling unit to their land for guests, family members, or to generate high class glamping rental income!




Want to grow summer produce and tropical trees all year round, wherever you live?Passive solar is the pinnacle of sustainable growing technology, and Suncatchers are the best designed, tested, and researched greenhouse on the market. Needing far less maintenance than a typical greenhouse, our models pay for themselves in energy savings. Use good design and solar energy to grow the garden of your dreams, or add one on to your house to reduce your heating costs. We can deploy a passive solar solution that is perfect for you.




Whether you're looking for a tiny home on wheels, or want a small home built on a foundation, we have a team that can help. We work with you to custom design a tiny home that meets all of your needs and fits your personality, something no kit home can do. Give us a call today to get your project started!