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Build Your Own Backyard Tipi

Brett took the plunge and moved into a tipi in October of 2006. He has been living there ever since. Living a non-electrical lifestyle has given him a whole new appreciation for the traditions and lifeways of primitive cultures, and offered him the opportunity to get a true glimpse into what it means to "live in the wild." In this workshop he'll show you how to create your own tipi structure, to use for camping in the woods or your own garden! Come ready for a day of hands-on learning as we build a structure from the ground up!

A modern-day Henry Thoreau, Brett Butler is the creative mind and driving force behind Field Trips Delivered. At an early age, Brett craved the truth found in nature, and desperately wanted to leave the modern world behind. After reading My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George and the Hatchet series by Gary Paulsen, Brett had the burning desire to move out of the stifling, man-made world of "squares" and into the natural world of "circles". He thrived on wilderness exploration as a young man, venturing deep into the New Mexican mountains, climbing the tallest peaks on the east coast, and finding the remotest nooks in state and national parks that he could find. At age 21, Brett took the leap from the technology-infused, centrally heated, over-glamourized modern world into the natural world, living in a tipi and heating, lighting and cooking with open fire. He has never looked back.

Brett grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and graduated from R.J. Reynolds High School in May of 2003. Brett also earned his Eagle Scout award in January of 2003. Brett attended UNC-Asheville for 3 years, completing coursework in Ecology and Environmental Biology. He transferred to Appalachian State University where he completed his Bachelor's of Science in Appropriate Technology (Renewable/Sustainable Technology). Brett now lives in the mountains of North Carolina.

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