Baby Boomers: Travel Through Retirement in Comfort and Peace of Mind

In addition to all the other reasons, a Tiny House can also provide options for retirees. There are reasons that 40% of Tiny House owners are 50 years old and up.  It's a great solution to many of the problems that come with aging in our society. Want to travel the country? A new Tiny House allows you to do so in comfort, for far less than an RV, and can be parked like one at a normal campground.

The cost of an average new RV or motorhome will run you $125,000 or so, double what you can expect for the best tiny home you can imagine. You can pay less, and customize more with a Tiny House, and have something that’s completely suited to your taste.

If you want to both scale down your possessions and travel the country as you age, you can do both at once in a Tiny House, while gaining an appreciable asset to leave for your family, unlike a motorhome, which will lose value with every mile you drive it.

A Tiny House can also replace the need for a retirement home. Tiny Houses can be custom-made to suit the needs of aging loved ones who want an option beyond an expensive nursing home for care. These mobile solutions can be custom built to accommodate people with special medical needs, and keep older parents close to home. Dr. Bill Thomas, a leader in the nursing home industry and developer of the “Minka” model has a really awesome article about the possibilities of this.

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