Landowners: Tiny Houses Can Add Passive Income to Your Property that Can Travel With You


Are you a current homeowner? Great! A farmer perhaps? Even better. Either way, if you have a 10’x30’ piece of flat land, a tiny house is a great way to generate rental income. The closer you are to a city, the more Planning and Zoning you’ll have to wade through, but the more income you can expect on the other side of that trouble.

Sites like AirBnB and VRBO have made it enormously simple to generate additional income from vacationers, and a Tiny House on your property works perfectly with these existing systems: it’s a new experience for the traveler, and it allows you to rent without actually bringing guests into your home.

For farm owners, overnight stays can be classified as an “agritourism farm activity”. Depending on your situation a mobile Tiny House may not be subject to much zoning at all under the Bona Fide Farm Exemption. But even for non-agricultural land-owners with a little extra space, a mobile tiny home is a worthwhile investment that can pay for itself in a few years.

It’s a much better deal than getting an addition on your house to add square footage— in real estate terms, a Tiny House on Wheels counts as a fixture, not real property like a permanent add-on. That means if you choose to sell your house, you can choose to take it with you, or leave it and increase the value of the sale.

(Plus, any income you generate from rentals on your can be considered passive income for tax purposes— meaning it gets taxed at a lower rate than wage or self-employment income would be. Fun stuff!)

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